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July 2017 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

July 2017 School Sleepover, camping on the field

July 2017- 'Oh yes it is!' A brief history of pantomime

July 2017 Quarry Arts- science, music, design, geology, art

July 2017 Quarry Arts

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Making lithophones; musical intruments out of rock.

July 2017 Quarry Arts

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July 2017 Quarry Arts

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July 2017 River Ribble source to mouth

July 2017 Silk Screen Painting

July 2017 - A visit from Herbie the carrot

July 2017 - A visit from Herbie the carrot 1

July 2017 Forest School - Cooking over a fire

July 2017 Ribblehead Viaduct with Swain House School

July 2017 Cricket

June 2017 A day of French! Language, food and music

June 2017 Visit to St.Oswald's Church

June 2017 The Royal Armouries. Learning about the Romans

June 2017 Dragon Boat Racing. A Design and Technology / Science Project.

Points of View

June 2017 Habitat and food chain study at Malham Tarn

'Annie' May 2017

High Adventure May 2017

High Adventure

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High Adventure

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Visit to Stanbury School May 2017

Exploring a tributary of the River Ribble May 2017

Bridge Building Challenge May 2017

More River study 9th May 2017

Welcome to the gallery. Please enjoy photos of some of our amazing activities!

Maths Y1-3 April 2017

Cooking outside April 2017

Egg Day April 2017

Investigating river wildlife April 2017

Decorating Mayan pots March 2017

Flying Scotsman March 2017

The Flying Scotsman March 2017

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Visit to York March 2017

Our trip to York Chocolate Story



On Friday 17th March 2017 the whole school (expect Leila) went to York. We had to catch 4 trains all together in ONE day! We had to meet at Horton train station for 7:10 for the register and catch the train at 7:17. On the way to Leeds Mr Bishop (Head teacher) Caught the same train at Shipley but got on at different carriage. When we arrived at 8:37 at Leeds we had to wait for another train to York. The time we had to get on the train from Leeds to York was 9:08. But before that we had spare time so everyone went for the loo break.

Mrs Dent led us on the First class train then everybody got excited but the guy on the first class carriage A told us we had to go to carriage F. It only took us about 20minutes to get to York. We arrived at York for about 8:30ish then we headed towards the chocolate story as we couldn’t go in yet. We all went into the mini shop. Everyone got to choose something in the maximum of £5. You could buy a hot chocolate or get a souvenir. Everyone got a souvenir and Mrs Dent got a hot chocolate and Mrs Harper got a coffee. After everyone got paid and finished up Mr Bishop led us on a walk to the Minister and we met a guy called Stephan Reid he was an independent music producer from Indiana in America. We went out of the Minister and saw the red team from Bargain Hunt they wouldn’t get a picture with us we thought it was because we were wearing blue jumpers. Further down we meet the blue team (Also from there) had a picture with us even the camera crew joined in!

We walked back to the Chocolate Story to see if we were allowed in but still not. We sat on some steps for about a second then Mr Bishop led us on another walk but it was short. We arrived back in the Chocolate Story and finally were allowed in! Just before we went in there was a time machine you had to slip in a card and a video from back in time when people made chocolate. Then we all jumped in the lift every single of us CRAZY! We got out of the lift and met a young gentleman called Alex. You would call him Alex is the tour was good or call him Tim if the tour was bad! We jumped back in time to when Rowntrees, Terry’s and the Humbugs chocolate were around in York. He talked to us about chocolate and gave us some chocolate to try! Then we went through two doors and sat down to watch how the Mayans made their hot chocolate. They just used cold water, chilli and cocoa beans. We went through two other doors and some people were demonstrating and explaining how their company was better than others. It was Terry’s 250th anniversary of chocolate making. Then we went through, to looking at pictures and Alex explained what they people were doing. Then we went in to the new exhibition we were only the second school in there. This machine pretended to process chocolate from beans to melted chocolate which we could pour in to moulds along a conveyor belt.

We went over to taste chocolate how they did it back in the early days first they snapped, sniffed and tasted it. Alex had finished his tour with us and let us all have a little play around. After that we made white chocolate lollies you could decorate it with anything that was in front of you but you couldn’t over flow. We went over to a man who was making chocolate, passion fruit and mango truffles he showed us how he made them but luckily he already made some for the school. By now it was lunch time we went to Bella Italia just round the corner they had it ready for us it was delicious! We walked back to the train station and then got on and arrived at Leeds then waited for the train back to Horton. It was a very successful school trip I really recommend going to York Chocolate Story!

Report By Ruby Thomas Y5

Making Chocolates for Mother's Day

Dales Outdoor

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The Dales Outdoor Initiative - opened March 2017

The Visit to Gill Garth Farm

Friday 24th March

The most amazing thing I saw at Gill Garth Farm was a lamb being born!

I saw this slimy, gooey black lamb slip out of the mum’s tummy. I heard the noises of the mother. It was quite shocking for me. It was a sudden bleating noise. I smelt sheep blood, it wasn’t very refreshing. It was horrible.

When the lamb was born the mother was eating the goo off the new born lamb.

By Edward Y3

The most amazing thing I saw at Gill Garth Farm


The most amazing thing I saw at Gill Garth Farm was seeing a lamb being born. As I watched the mother cleaning up her other new born, you could just see the other lamb coming out. As Mark pushed the mother sheep down on the floor he pulled the lamb a little to help it get out the sack it was in. The mother sheep struggled and bleated while the other lamb was watching looking very interested at this sight. Finally the mother sheep gave one last push and the little lamb popped out, gave a little twitch and took his first breath of air. Then his mother cleaned him up as she had done previously to her other lamb. A new animal had been welcomed to our world.

By Esther Rhodes Y5

Friday 24th March 2017

The most amazing thing I did at Gill Garth Farm was eating cow food called Proven.

It was tasty and it tasted like sugar

By Olivia Y1

The Most Amazing Thing I saw at Gill Garth Farm.


At Gill Garth Farm we were at the barn of cows. The cows were just behaving normally. I looked around and I saw a chain pulling a giant metal thing. Rachel explained it was something that pulled the cow’s poo to a hole in the ground. It led to a tank outside the barn. They told us they sprayed it over the grass to make the cow’s food.


By Rebecca Radda (Year 4)

The most amazing thing I did at Gill Garth farm was tasting cow food (Provin)!

The cow food was dark brown, had light brown dots in it, and  was medium size. The Provin smelled horrible. It was very nice but I would not try It again ! Mrs Wilson put the Provin into a cereal box because we had to try and guess what the cows have for breakfast .


By Zoe Y3

Dry Rigg Quarry Highlight


My highlight of the Dry Rigg Quarry was seeing what they will be making in the future. They were digging and blowing up rocks that will make a deep fantastic, but scary from looking down, lake. They will be making a wonderful animal sanctuary. We saw a video of how they blew up MASSIVE chunks of rock! They have a red line that when ready comes up as a fiery blazing wire.

The final date to shut is 2021 they only have 4 years to make the lake. They have already made one lake which a has a few otters living there. Deer live also round there, as well as stoats, frogs and newts.

Report by Ruby Thomas Y5

The Most Amazing Thing I Saw At Dry Rig Quarry

By Daisy Pilkington Y6


At Dry Rig Quarry I saw some clips of explosions, and the size of the rock that came off. I also saw the plans for when the quarry shuts in 2021.

Firstly the explosive technician  told us that they had to drill a hole into rock. The hole had to be around twenty metres deep! It looked fun drilling the holes into the rock-the way the machine  jigged up and down really fast. It was awesome. The men had to drill around eighty holes for one explosion. Then the men filled up the holes with explosives. At Dry Rig Quarry they use two different types of explosives. One was called a Primary Explosive. It was like a stick of dynamite. It had a bright red cable coming off it and it is joined onto other primary explosives . When you press the button the explosive sets off and the rock looks like a shower of rock. The second type of explosive is a liquid made up of around four different chemicals. The men use a hosepipe to fill up the holes, and then the explosion sets off!

At the beginning of the trip, we saw the plans for the Quarry if it closed in 2021. The men hope it would stay open but if it didn’t then they would turn it back into what it was in the 1700s: wet-land or moor in the smaller end, then in the 100m deep end they would turn itinto a lake, perfect for diving, for walks along the proposed idea of boardwalks and maybe even a couple of boats/kayaks. It would be protected by the Yorkshire Dales National Park, because of the rare types of newt, deer, otter, dragonfly, stoats, frog and rabbit.

The most amazing thing I saw at Dry Rig Quarry


The most amazing thing at the quarry was when we saw the massive explosion on a video which Mick the instructor showed us, it was an amazing experience. The explosion manager put over 80 charges of TNT in the holes which he made in the rock, then put some white liquid over the top.

In 2021 the quarry is due to close and become a huge lake for animals to live in. At the quarry they have a lot of animals, such as otters newts, dears, stoats and frogs.


Amy Dunkley Y6

Manchester Utd vs. St. Etienne Feb 2017

Making Mayan Shields Feb 2017

The Landlord's Cat

Our 2016 Nativity Play

Ribchester Visit

We had a fantastic trip to Ribchester Roman Museum.

Sports Day 2016

Art Club - creating teddy bears

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day dressing up as our favourite characters and doing activities based around the author Roald Dahl.

Collective Worship - Using our Senses to Enjoy Creation; We made our favourite parts of God's Creation using items from His Creation. What a wonderful world we live in! Everyone said a prayer to give thanks.

Collective Worship - Using our Senses to Enjoy Creation. Last week, we used our beautiful environment to spend time listening and looking at the wonders of our landscape whilst, this week, we used our sight and sense of touch to appreciate the details of Creation.

Global Learning - Mrs Shaw came to give us a brilliant insight into the Bethany Project

We had a fantastic time at Rathmell School. What brilliant actors and actresses we've got!

Preparations for our Christingle Service in St Oswald's Church; Class 2 decided on the songs and readings.

The Forest School group helped Father Stephen and the church brighten up their grassland. We planted flowers and seeds so that it would improve the look of it during the spring and summer months. We spread the seeds with sand in using our hands and then had lots of fun jumping on them to bed them into the soil. The ladies from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust showed us what to do.

Collective Worship with Father Stephen who is our vicar. St Oswald's Church in the village is part of his parish. This was the story of the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo. Father Stephen also talked about us having the freedom to make choices. What sort of choices will you make?